We plan the Ride, You drive the Miles!
We plan the Ride, You drive the Miles!
We plan the Ride, You drive the Miles!

Rate Negotiation & Collection Assistance

We'll negotiate rates on your behalf and make sure you get paid in full

Invoicing & Paperwork

We can do all the paperwork and invoicing so you can focus on driving

Trip Planning

Our team can plan your trip to maximize efficiency

24/7 Support & Service

We'll negotiate rates on your behalf and make sure you get paid in full

Credit Checks

Need a credit check done before you deliver a load? Let us know and we'll tell you the results

About Us

At ESTEEMED Dispatch Logistics, we are a dispatch company who cares about the safety of each driver, motivated to find the top paying loads, and committed to yielding success for each of our clients.

We are a client-focused company, partnering with independent owner operators and fleet owners to ensure our clients received top rates for each load hauled.

ESTEEMED Dispatch Logistics has relationships with shippers and brokers nationwide and are able to find loads for our client’s Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds and much more!

ESTEEMED Dispatch Logistics is a company you can respect, who will work hard for you!

No Forced Dispatch

You are truly your own boss at ESTEEMED Dispatch Logistics

No Contracts

We have no contracts and provide every client with a personalized experience based on the needs of their truck or fleet of trucks.



Known for going above and beyond to coordinate effortless deliveries, we don’t underestimate the power of accessible communication and proactive support. Offering real value to our clients, from independent owner operators to fleet owners, our team are sticklers for quality, ensuring each load is secured, paperwork is signed, and rate is negotiated.


To us, high-powered dispatching is more than just a role. With an experienced team of dispatchers on hand to coordinate, negotiate, and manage loads, we understand the importance of getting it right. Whether you need guidance overcoming a roadblock or specialist support to plan a polished route, we are committed to your success.


At ESTEEMED Dispatch Logistics, we are all too familiar with the adage “time equals money” – a concept that has proven to be the driving force behind our every move. We take pride in coordinating the most cost-effective, timely loads with an emphasis on efficiency, using cutting-edge techniques to catapult earnings.